Some Things About Us

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Its all about the clients

Personal Touch Answering Service is a well established company (serving Businesses since 1982) providing 24 hour, 365 days-a-year support services for our customers and their callers.

Our Staff are extremely well trained, friendly and helpful and they are frequently monitored. The company has consistently had a very low staff turnover (less than 10%). Our clients can be confident that all calls will be answered, no matter the time of day or night, by competent operators.

Your callers can rest assured that by leaving a message with our operators, their situation or emergency will be taken care of.

Standards We Live By

  •     Accuracy and Efficiency
  •     Courteous and Helpful
  •     Compassionate
  •     Reliable

We're Backed Up

Your clients and their calls will never go unanswered no matter what extreme weather situations Mother Nature may have in store. If the power is down, we have 4 hours of battery backup and a gas generator to keep things going. You and your callers can feel confident that no matter what, Personal Touch Answering Service is always there.