Plans & FAQs


Any Business Size

24 Hour Service

Work Alone Check In

Included in every plan:

Never Miss a Call
Auto send via email or text
Toll Free Numbers Available
Customizable Call Script
After hours screening & qualifying
Dispatch to On Call
Office Messages
On Call Management
Call Connection
WCB Compliant
Customizable Check In schedule
Live Answer
Daily Reports

Prices for Every Pocket

To receive more information about the services we provide, or to obtain a customized price quote, please feel free to contact us directly and one of our Account Representatives will follow up with you accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you record your calls?

Yes, all calls are recorded and stored for up to one year. We do not, however, for privacy reasons, record any calls after it has been connected to you or your staff.


Q: How can I get my messages?

We have several different methods to pass along your messages. They can be sent via text message, email, patching (caller connection directly to your staff) or fax. Or if your office prefers a combination of delivery methods.


Q: How do the operators know the call is for my company?

You are provided with personal phone number that is dedicated to your business. You can use this number or forward your current line. When your clients call, your customizable greeting pops up for the operator. You control how we answer the phone, when we answer the phone and the information we take. The possibilities are endless.